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Appeal Frequently Asked Questions
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What kinds of cases may be Appealed?

Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure designate the types of appeals that are permitted.

What happens in an Appeal?

An appeal of a lower court decision is a legal process by which a higher court is asked to
review the trial court's record and rule on the legal issues raised by the Appellant, the person
filing the appeal. All other parties in the case are the Appellees.

After the appropriate paperwork is filed in a timely manner (and sometimes after oral argument),
the Appellate Court will review the decision of the lower court to determine if an error occurred
during the case.

What are the fees for an Appeal?

Click here.

Does the Clerk's Office provide Notice of Appeal forms or offer Pro Se assistance for an Appeal?

No. The Clerk's office cannot give legal advice and the Pro Se Self-Help Coordinator cannot
assist with Appeals. Please consult your attorney. If you wish to represent yourself, you will
need to do your own legal research and paperwork preparation. You may find the following
links helpful:

How long do I have to file a Notice of Appeal?

A Notice of Appeal may be filed any time between rendition of final judgment and thirty (30)
days following rendition of a written order being imposed or to be reviewed.

The Notice of Appeal should contain the following information:

  • the name of the lower court
  • the name and designation of at least one party on each side
  • the case number in the lower court
  • the name of the court to which the Appeal is taken
  • the date of rendition of the order in the lower court
  • the nature of the order to be reviewed

Appeal cases require filing the original Notice of Appeal, along with two (2) identical copies.
A copy of the court order must be attached to the original and both of the copies being filed.

Where do I file my Appeal?

All Appeals should be filed within the respective department. Departments are listed below:

Circuit Civil, Foreclosures, Mental Health, Probate, or Guardianship Appeals

Circuit Civil Division

County Civil, Evictions, or Small Claims Appeals

County Civil Division

Felony, Misdemeanor or Criminal Traffic Appeals

Criminal Division

Adoption, Child Support, Custody, Dissolution of Marriage, or Domestic Violence Appeals

Family Division

Boating Infraction, Local Ordinance Infraction, Traffic Infraction, or Wildlife Infraction Appeals

Traffic Division

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