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Social Security Number Removal FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions (Click to sort)
How do I request social security number removal from an Official Record on Putnam County's website?

On or after October 1, 2002, any person preparing or filing a document for recording in the
Official Record may not include a social security number in such document unless required
by law to do so.

Any person has the right to request the Clerk to remove or "redact" his or her social security
number from an image of an Official Record that has been placed on that Clerk's publicly
available Internet website. The request must be legibly written, signed, and delivered in
person, or by mail, fax or email to the Clerk of Courts, Recording Division. The request
MUST specify the book and page number that contains the social security number. No fee
is charged for this service.

Click here for the form.

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