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Foreclosure Frequently Asked Questions
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How can I find out about Foreclosure Sales?

Notices about mortgage foreclosure sales are published in local newspapers. The mortgage
foreclosure Court files are kept in the Circuit Civil Division. The Court file will contain
information about the amount owed on the property, as well as a description of the property.
However,the street address of the property will probably not appear in the Court file.

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May a person who is not involved in the foreclosure lawsuit bid on the property?

Yes. This person is often referred to as a "third party bidder."

Where are the foreclosure sales held?

Effective June 2, 2015, mortgage foreclosure sales for all new filings will be conducted entirely online via this web site. It will no longer be necessary to appear in person to participate in the sale. The Clerk's Office conducts the sale via public auction on the Internet in accordance with Florida Statutes.

If I am a successful "third-party" bidder, how do I become the new owner of the property?

The Clerk issues a Certificate of Sale to the highest bidder after all funds are paid. Ten (10)
days after the issuance of the Certificate of Sale and if no objections to the sale are filed, the
Clerk records a Certificate of Title in the Official Records that transfers ownership of the
property to the highest bidder.

Please note that even though a Certificate of Title is issued, that does not mean the property is
free and clear of any liens. The buyer assumes any liens that are attached to the property and
is responsible for them. Therefore, it is advisable that a title search be done on said property
before bidding, so that the potential buyer is aware of any outstanding liens.

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