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What if I have been issued a boating ticket (Uniform Boating Citation)?

If you have been issued a Uniform Boating Citation, you must elect one of the following options
within 30 calendar days from the date the citation was issued:

  • Pay the civil penalty for the violation. You may also be required to attend a Boater
    Education Course
  • Plead Not Guilty and attend a court hearing to contest the violation. Failure to comply
    within 30 calendar days will result in the assessment of delinquent fees and the
    addition of a second-degree Misdemeanor charge.
  • If you have received a boating citation for not having a registration, the citation may be
    dismissed by the Clerk in the Traffic Division with valid proof of registration. Valid proof
    means that the issue date of your registration was prior to the issue date of the
    citation. You may bring the cost of the dismissal fee, the yellow copy of the ticket and
    a photocopy of your valid registration and the charge will be dismissed. If you are
    eligible to pay the dismissal fee of $10.00 you must pay in person in the county the
    citation was received or send payment and proof through the mail. The dismissal fee
    cannot be paid through the Internet

All citations must be paid within 30 days.

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