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What happens after I file?

After the Statement of Claim is filed, the Plaintiff must ensure that the Defendant receives a
copy of the Statement of Claim. The procedure for informing the Defendant of the pending
action is called service of process.

  • Service of process may be by delivery of the Statement of Claim to the Defendant by a
    representative of the appropriate Sheriff's Office.
  • The Plaintiff may also complete service of process upon a Florida Resident by certified
    mail. However, the Defendant or someone authorized to receive mail at the
    Defendant's residence or place of business must sign the receipt for the mail. If they
    have any idea of the case being filed, they may refuse the certified mail, and this
    constitutes non-service. For corporate entities, the addressee should be the
    registered agent of the corporation.

A notice to appear is attached to, and served with, the Statement of Claim. This notice informs
the Defendant of the time, date, and place of the pre-trial conference.

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