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Can I file my claim in another county?

In order to properly file a Statement of Claim, the person filing the claim (the Plaintiff), must do
so in the proper county. In most cases, the Plaintiff may properly file a Statement of Claim in a

  • Where the contract was entered into.
  • If the suit is on an unsecured promissory note, where the note was signed.
  • If the suit is to recover property or foreclose a lien, where the property is located.
  • Where the event occurred that gave rise to the suit.
  • Where any one of the defendants resides.

If the party being sued (the Defendant), believes the Statement of Claim was filed in the wrong
county, the Defendant may request that the case be transferred to the county which he
believes is proper. If the case has to be transferred, the party who initially filed in the wrong county
will have to pay a new filing fee.

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