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Welcome to Clerk of Courts of Putnam County Florida

Welcome to the website for Putnam Clerk of the Courts. As your Clerk, I am committed to providing information on the functions and services of the Clerk’s Office. My goal is for this site to offer access to available public records and answers to many basic questions that can save you the time of a phone call or trip to one of our office locations.

I hope you will take a moment to explore our divisions, online services, and the Frequently Asked Questions on many subjects. You have my assurance that I will continue to improve this site and the services offered both here and in my offices.

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Public Notice

Beware: Con artists use jury duty to scam people

It is the policy of the Clerk of the Court to contact prospective jurors only through a written court summons sent by U.S. Mail. Jurors are not contacted by telephone, email, text message or any other medium. Jury Services does not need or ask for your personal information and does not require a monetary payment of any amount.

If you receive a call requesting personal information or money, immediately call the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (386) 329-0800. Concerned citizens may also contact Jury Management at the Clerk’s Office at (386)-326-7699 to determine whether or not they have been summoned for jury service.

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